Absolutes and concretes

Order essential oils from Galen-H when you need a pure, organic product that is 100% traceable

Each of our essential oils comes from plants grown in our fields in Bulgaria. Each one is then distilled in our own distillery, tested in our own laboratory and packaged by our experts. In-house, state-of-the-art quality assurance procedures ensure that each of our essential oils is the best of its kind available anywhere in the world...

Clary sage concrete (Extracta Salvia Sclarea)

Bulgarian clary sage concrete is mostly used for extraction of its main component - Sclareol, which represents an average of about 75% of the composition.

Lavender absolute

Bulgarian Lavender absolute is produced from Bulgarian Lavender concrete and it is renowned for its multiples applications and therapeutic virtues.

Lavender Concrete (Extracta Lavandulae)

Bulgarian Lavender concrete, derived from the aromatic lavender plant, stands as a prized substance renowned for its multifaced use across a spectrum of industries with its captivating scent and therapeutic properties.

Rose Absolute

Bulgarian Rose absolute is produced from Bulgarian Rose concretes and it is prized ingredient in the perfume industry, renowned for its rich, floral aroma with sweet and spicy undertones.

ROSE Concrete (Extracta Rosae)

Bulgarian Rose concrete is renewed as ingredient in perfumery, imbuing fragrances with a rich and nuanced floral scent

TOBACCO ABSOLUTE (Extracta Nicotinae)

Bulgarian tobacco absolute is produced from Bulgarian tobacco concrete highly aromatic substance derived from tobacco leaves concrete. It possesses a rich, warm, and complex fragrance.