Yarrow Dry Extract

Yarrow In the hills and valleys of Bulgaria, we cultivate fields of Achillea millefolium flowers in order to create high-quality Yarrow dried extract.

Used in traditional medicine for centuries, the Yarrow plant and its distinctive small white flowers have long been associated with staunching or promoting blood flow. Their modern use tends to be in treating digestive complaints.

But for whatever purpose you need a reliable bulk producer and manufacturer supplier of Yarrow dried extract, Galen-N’s ISO:9001-certified, wholly-owned, fully traceable processes ensure we can provide the high-quality extract you need.

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Yarrow Dry Extract Description

It is obtained from hydro alcohol extraction of yarrow stack (Achillea millefolium)

Properties Characteristics and norms
Appearance Amorphous powder
Color Amber
Odor Characteristic
Identification TLC
Solubility Soluble in water
Water content, % <5%
Residual solvents

–    Ethanol

NMT 100 ppm
Flavanoides content ≥1,00%
Total microorganisms (number/g) not more than 10 -3
Moulds and yeast (number/g) not more than 10 -2
Enterobacteriaceae, Ps. aerguinosa, St. aureus not allowed

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    Yarrow Extract Application

    • Cosmetics industry – Yarrow extract balances skin functions making it a great natural ingredient to use in preparation formulated for acne, and oily skin. At the same time it soothes itchy, dry skin, relieving minor skin irritations, healing damaged skin and stimulating regeneration of new skin cells.
    • Pharmaceutical industry and medical care – Yarrow extract relaxes and soothes muscles in the intestine and uterus, which can relieve stomach and menstrual cramps. It is used in three common ways: applied to the skin for wounds and minor bleeding, taken by mouth to reduce inflammation, especially in the digestive tract, taken as a sedative to relieve anxiety or insomnia.
    • Yarrow extract is sometimes suggested for the following uses: loss of appetite, indigestion or heartburn, as a diuretic, to increase urine flow, amenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycle), menstrual cramps and pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, to fight infection, fever (brings temperature down through sweating), to reduce bleeding and wound healing.

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