Nettle Dry Extract

It is obtained from hydro alcohol extraction of nettle roots (Urtica dioica)

NettleWe actively cultivate Urtica dioica plants in our plantations in Bulgaria in order to produce high-quality nettle dry extract.

For all that it is rarely a friend to gardeners, the humble nettle has been used for its medical properties since the time of the Ancient Egyptians.

This means that it’s primarily companies in the health and medical industries who use as the bulk producer and manufacturer of the nettle dry extract they need.

Of course, this means that – like all of our products – our dried nettle extracts are produced to very high quality tolerances:

All ISO:9001, REACH, GMP and Organic standards are met. Plus, we have our own laboratory with which we test each batch.

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    Nettle dry extract description

    Properties Characteristics and norms
    Appearance Amorphous powder
    Color Brown
    Odor Characteristic
    Identification TLC
    Solubility Soluble in water
    Water content, % <5%
    Residual solvents

    –    Ethanol

    NMT 100 ppm
    Scopoletin content ≥5,00%
    Total microorganisms (number/g) not more than 10 -3
    Moulds and yeast (number/g) not more than 10 -2
    Enterobacteriaceae, Ps. aerguinosa, St. aureus not allowed

    Nettle Extract Application

    • Cosmetics industry – Nettle root extract is used as an ingredient in hair and skin products because it has been shown to inhibit the body from making certain inflammatory chemicals known as prostaglandins and. Also to improve the appearance of the hair, and is said to be a remedy against oily hair and dandruff and as a natural remedy to treat or prevent baldness.
    • Pharmaceutical industry and medical care – The extract is used for urination problems related to an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia [BPH]). These problems include nighttime urination, too frequent urination, painful urination, inability to urinate, and irritable bladder. It is also used for joint ailments, as a diuretic, and as an astringent.

    Nettle root dry extract shows promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, bladder infections, bronchitis, bursitis, gingivitis, gout, hives, kidney stones, laryngitis, multiple sclerosis, PMS, prostate enlargement, sciatica, and tendinitis.

    Nettles root extract may affect hormones levels and proteins in the blood that carry sex hormones (such as testosterone or estrogen).

    Consequently, it may have an anti-inflammatory effect. The extract may also enhance responses of the immune system. Chemicals in nettle’s aerial parts are also thought to reduce the feeling of pain or interfere with the way that nerves send pain signals. All of these effects may reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis and other similar conditions.

    It appears to also have antioxidant properties. This supplement may be effective for those with allergic rhinitis.

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