Esculin / Aesculin is a coumarin derivative which we extract from the bark of our groves of South European Flowering Ash trees in Bulgaria.

The bark of the Fraxinus ornus tree can then be dried and this extract from it used for many of the same purposes as Vitamin P. This can involve the creation of medicines with venotonic, capillary-strengthening and antiphlogistic properties.

Whatever you need to buy Esculin wholesale for, if you need to be able to track the quality of the product you are ordering from tree to the table in front of you, Galen-N is the manufacturer for you.

Fraxinus ornus - EscinProduct details: Esculine
Expiry term: after 3 years after the product should be retested
Product specification: View
MOQ: 1kg
Packaging: Fiber drum : 1,5,10 and 25 kg
Shipping: International Commercial Terms 2010. We work with DHL and TNT.

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    Technical specifications of this product according to the Bulgarian State Standard:


    The drug is a product of a coumarin derivative extracted from the bark of flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus).

    Esculin substance is used for manufacturing pharmaceuticals with venotonic, capillary-strengthening and antiphlogistic action, with similar action to that of vitamin P. It is excellent for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids and varicose veins. The Esculin is also used in the diagnostic laboratories.

    EP, PH.F -– DMF/ CEP

    It is a coumarin glucoside obtained from hydro alcohol extraction of flowering ash bark (Fraxinus ornus)

    MOLECULAR MASS: 340.28 (anhydrous substance)
    367.31 (of crystalline water)
    Physicochemical Indices of the Finished Product

    17 Moulds and yeast (number/g)not more than 10-218Enterobacteriaceae, Ps. aerguinosa, St. aureusnot allowed

    Property Value
    1 Appearance crystalline powder
    2 Color white to light-creamy
    3 Taste bitter
    4 Odor odorless
    5 Melting temperature (ºC) approximately 240.0 (with disintegration)
    6 Successive melting temperatures (ºC) 155.0; 204.0; 212.0
    7 Solubility
    in water (20ºC) poorly soluble
    in alcohol (20ºC) poorly soluble
    in methanol (20ºC) poorly soluble
    in hot alcohol soluble
    in hot methanol soluble
    in hot pyridine soluble
    in hot dioxane soluble
    8 Moisture content according to K. Fisher (%) 6.50 – 8.0
    9 Sulfate ash (%) not more than 0.1
    10 Heavy metals content (%) not more than 0.004
    11 Limpidity of solution need not meet standard No 5
    12 Specific rotation (º)
    (2% solution of anhydrous esculin (wt/v) in 50% dioxane solution)
    from -84.0 to -87.0
    13 Extinction coefficient (µm)
    (0.0015% solution in methanol)
    from 0.340 to -0.360
    14 Particle size (µm) min 95.0 – 180.0
    15 Esculin content calculated as dry substance not less than 98.0
    Microbial content
    16 Total microorganisms (number/g) not more than 10-3

    Applications of Esculin

    We are the bulk producer and exporter used by companies in a wide range of industries who need a trusted and reliable source of Esculin:

    • Microbiology industry – used in laboratory settings for the identification of bacterial species (especially Enterococci and Listeria). In fact, all strains of Group D Streptococci hydrolyse.
    • Cosmetics industry – Esculin is used in cosmetics for anticellulite creams, lotions and others.
    • Pharmaceutical industry and medical care – Esculin has venotonic, capillary-strengthening and antiphlogistic properties. It is also excellent for the treatment of internal and external haemorrhoids and varicose veins. Plus, it acts as a superb tanning agent and is therefore suitable for oral care against cavities and tooth decay.

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