Clary Sage Concrete

clary sageThe Clary Sage Concrete we produce comes from our fields of Salvia sclarea plants. Extracted using a solvent, this wax-like substance has a healthy aroma of wood and green wild spaces.

The Bulgarian Clary Sage Concrete we create is a good source of sclareol, a compound used in the fixing of perfuming aromas.

Used as a bulk producer by companies around the world, we are always happy to supply samples of our products before you place your final order.

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  • 100% traceable product – from the crop to the product in your hand.
  • Stringent Quality Control – processes in effect at every phase of production.
  • A global name – Galen-N is an exporter and manufacturer known worldwide.
  • Sustainable production – ensuring quality bio products for tomorrow.
  • The highest quality standards – Organic, GMP, REACH and ISO:9001 compliant.

Concrete Description

Product name: Clary Sage Concrete
Expiry term: 3 years after the product should be retested
Production flowchart:  FlowChart clary sage concrete
MOQ: 50kg
Certificate: Clary sage concrete CSCGH 1-2018
Packaging: Plastic drums 50kg and 150kg
Shipping: International Commercial Terms 2010. We work with DHL and TNT.

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