Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) Water

pinus sylvestris oilThe Scots Pine Floral Water we produce from our stands of Pinus Sylvestris trees in Bulgaria is often used by businesses in the healthcare industry.

This makes Quality Assurance one of our major priorities:

That’s why all of the Scots Pine Floral Water we export is produced to exacting ISO:9001, REACH, GMP and organic standards.

Not to mention that it has to pass through intensive QA measures at every stage of production – and final testing in our own laboratory.

100% traceable Bulgarian Scots Pine Floral Water

  • Crops grown in our own fields
  • Essential oils distilled in our own distillery
  • Manufacturing handled inside our own ultra-modern factory
  • Testing takes place in our own laboratory

Then you choose your own preferred method of shipping – by land, air, sea or express courier for smaller shipments.

Organic / Pharmaceutical 100% pure and natural water, obtained from water – steam distillation of needles and small branches of Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris)One of the most commonly used in aromatherapy oils, because of its various beneficial effects on human health.

Floral Water Description

Appearance: Fluid transparent liquid

Color: Pale Yellow

Odor: Typical of Pinus sylvestris

Content of Microcompounds,

(% by Gas – Chromatography)

– α-Pinene – Positive

– β-Pinene – Positive

– α-muurolene – Positive

– Bornyl acetate – Positive


• Medical care – Scots pine water acts as toning and refreshing, calms the nervous tension and agitation and helps against loss of concentration or loss of memory. It used as treatment of various skin disorders, such as psoriasis, pruritus, acne, eczema, skin diseases and wounds. Transmitted to the skin it brings balance and smoothness along with renewed and radiant appearance;

• Pharmaceutical industry – Scots pine water is popular as an ingredient of pharmaceutical prepa-rations because it has good antiseptic properties during infections of the respiratory tract and the sinuses, cough, bronchitis, asthma, influenza. It has antirheumatic effects, antiseptic effects, diuretic effects, anti-inflammatory effects, effects on respiratory system;

Cosmetics industry – widely used in cosmetics as creams, lotions and many others;

• Food and beverage industry – candies, jams, soft drinks, sauces, tea, etc.

• Aromatherapy, spa and wellness – relaxing effect;

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