Bulgarian Rose Water

Rose Petals HarvestConventional / Organic. 100% natural product from fresh Rosa Damascena.

Our Bulgarian Rose Water is made from the petals of fresh Rosa Damascena flowers picked from our fields in Bulgaria towards the end of the season.

These petals then pass through a system of distillation and cohobation at our fully owned local distillery.

The amount of rose oil in the water is around 0.5%. This is just the right amount so that its beneficial hydrating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and disinfectant properties can be used on all skin types – as well as for a wide variety of other purposes in other industries.

Product details: Bulgarian Rose water
Harvest time: May-June
Expiry term: 3 years if not opened, 1 year if it is opened
MOQ: 220kg
Pricing: price per kilo will be provided upon request.
Shipping: International Commercial Terms 2010. We work with DHL and TNT.
Packaging: Plastic Drum with capacity: 220L and IBC container with capacity: 1000L and transport certificates ADR, RID, MDG

Our 100 % pure and natural Bulgarian rose water is Organic certified by the Gernam company Lacon.

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    Technical specifications of this product according to the Bulgarian State Standard:

    1 Appearance Transparent liquid
    2 Color Colorless
    3 Odor Typical for rose flowers
    Physical and Chemical Properties
    Property Value
    1 Content of essential oil, % min 0,035
    2 Content of Ethyl alcohol, % max 2,0
    3 pH (direct) 5,0 – 7,0
    Content of Macrocompounds, %

    (by Gas – Chromatography)

    Property Value
    1 Phenylethyl alcohol Positive
    2 Citronellol Positive
    3 Geraniol Positive
    4 Nerol Positive

    Applications of Bulgarian Rose Water

    We operate as a bulk producer, manufacturer and exporter of Bulgarian Rose Water for numerous industries, including the:

    • Perfumery and fragrance industry – lighter fragrances can often contain Bulgarian rose water.
    • Cosmetics industry – commonly used to create face toners, hair rinses and body treatments, as well as in cleaners and tonics for all skin types.
    • Food and beverage industry – used in soft drinks, ice creams, jams, cakes, cookies and many other types of food.
    • Medical care industry – Bulgarian Rose Water has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface. This makes it useful in diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries. It has hydrating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and disinfectant properties too.

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