Bulgarian Rose Concrete


Our Bulgarian Rose Concrete is obtained via organic solvent extraction of fresh Rosa Damascena  petals from our own mill.

Concretes-and-AbsolutesThis concrete is an orange-red, wax-like mass with the typically delicious smell of roses. It contains all the components of rose oil – among them the highly valued phenylethyl alcohol. The content of rose absolute is never less than 60%.

We ensure this is the case by keeping every element of the production of our Bulgarian Rose Concrete in-house:

This means the roses are grown in our own fields, the petals removed and the extraction performed in our own mill and final testing takes place in our laboratory.

This results in a product that’s 100% traceable.

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Technical specification according to the Bulgarian State Standard

Appearance Vaseline like mass
Color Orange red
Odor Typical of Rose
Physical and Chemical Properties
Property Value
1 Melting range, °C 47,0 – 53,0
2 Acid value, mg KOH/g max 13,0
3 Content of absolute, % min 60
4 Solvent content max 2.0

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    1. The Bulgarian rose concrete is mainly used as a raw material for production of Bulgarian rose absolute by rendering through alcohol extraction of any waxy material contained in the concrete.
    2. Perfumery and fragrance industry;
    3. Cosmetics industry – widely used in cosmetics for creams lotions and many others.It is also an excellent tonic for all skin types;
    4. Pharmaceutical industry and medical care – anti-inflammatory, emollient and regenerating effects.

    Applications of Bulgarian Rose Concrete

    Rose Concrete is mainly used as a raw material for production of Bulgarian Rose absolute.

    It is also used in cosmetics and perfumery products for its anti-inflammatory, emollient and regenerating effects. It can be added to creams or lotions in small amounts to create a skin smoothing and freshening effect.

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