Lavender Concrete

lavenderOur Bulgarian Lavender Concrete is extracted from the fresh blossoms of our Lavandula Vera and angustifolia plants harvested between the early and mass flowering stages. These are treated using petroleum ether, becoming a solid, waxy, non-crystalline substance.

Herbaceous-sweet, hay-like and retaining top note qualities, our Bulgarian Lavender Concrete has one of the best lavender aromas in the world.

Because all of our concretes are made from our own crops, produced in our own mills and distilleries and tested in our own laboratories, we make sure it is always going to be that way.

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Technical specification according to the Bulgarian State Standard

Obtained from the fresh flowers of Lavandula vera through extraction with n–hexsane

Property Value
1 Appearance Vaseline like mass
2 Color Yellow-brown
3 Odor Typical of Lavender
Physical and Chemical Properties
Property Value
1 Melting range, C° 47,0 – 53,0
2 Acid value, mg KOH/g max 15,0
3 Content of absolute, % min 60,0
4 Solvent content max 2,0

Applications of Bulgarian Lavender Concrete

Bulgarian lavender concrete is mainly used as a raw material for production of Bulgarian lavender absolute by rendering through alcohol extraction any waxy material contained in the concrete.

Lavender concrete can also be diluted into carrier oils, solid perfume or perfume to hold the other fragrances as they unfold naturally. This means we are often sought out as a bulk producer and manufacturer by clients in the perfumery and fragrance industry.

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